Saturday Morning at Montrose dog Beach



We woke up early this morning planning on taking the pups to Foster Dog Beach.  However, after finding it blocked due to an event along the lake shore bike path, we headed south to Montrose beach.  We live basically in the middle of both beaches and have always chosen Foster beach over Montrose, hearing crazy stories from friends and people we’ve randomly met.  Foster is smaller and seemingly lesser known than Montrose, but Montrose has been ranked in the top 10 for dog beaches in the US by “Fido” magazine.

Montrose was actually fantastic.  The beach was huge and the beautiful early morning brought a large amount of dogs running from one side to the other.  We headed over to the less populated side to acclimate the pups to the craziness of the party.  Both Link and Eve did fantastically.  While Paul was throwing the ball to Link, Eve followed at my heels and playfully met other dogs with no signs of aggression.  Both of the pups loved the water and meeting new aquintences.  Jake, the Jack Russell/Husky mix we met yesterday walking was also at the beach today.  All in all, today was a great morning at the beach.  Tomorrow we will head there again for a Chicago dog festival.



Tennis Disaster

While camping the lot of us decide to leave the campsite for a nearby park to play tennis and let the dogs run.  Once we get there we realize what an idealistic imagination we have.  To start everything off, everyone wants to play with the tennis balls and rackets.  Rylee is swinging carelessly at balls rolling by, Link is collecting our balls at the far end of the court and Eve is fearful of not standing between my legs.  However, we play on.

Rylee begins to pitch a fit for attention while Link acts as a bad ball boy would, keeping the balls for himself.  Eve, like Rylee, is starved for attention and anyone who will meet eyes with her is nearly pushed over by her careening body.  Needless to say, the game goes by very slow.  We finally encourage the pups enough to sit at the net and chill out for a bit.  Looking at their faces staring at you through the net is a little distracting when serving the ball.  Peace isn’t kept long though, Eve both pees and poos in the middle or our court during the middle of our game.  After washing the court off as much as was possible, we play on.  Towards the end of the game Eve begins to attack the net.  We finally give in and head home.

Naturally both personalities came through during this game.  Link rarely stopped collecting tennis balls while Eve followed at my heels so closely I fell over her more than once.


Travel Takes Two

Our travels to Virginia took about 11 hours in the car and the two pups did pretty well.  We put the rear seats down in the car so Link and Eve could have the run.  Some people I’ve talked to are very adamant about only traveling with their dogs in the crate or in some cases, a dog safety belt.  I can completely see how crate traveling in a car would make sense.  However, for such a long ride in the car, allowing them as much space as possible to stretch their legs made the most sense to us.  I know when I’m traveling, I have to stretch my legs any chance I get.  I figured the pups agreed!  Eve However, insisted on reaching her head into the front of the car to rest it on one of my arms steering the car.  It was cute, but kind of heavy for steering the car!  Ok, so I get why some people crate their dogs!

Pics are of the pups traveling and one of my parents dog, Guiness the Chocolate Lab.


Link and The Shower

This is a mini post for Lexi and Jasper:

Sand? Oh, no thank you!

So it was another dog beach day today at Foster beach.  The weather was perfect and there were almost zero dogs on the beach.  Last time we were at the dog beach we noticed Link running onto other people’s blankets and actually sitting down and taking a break.  We originally thought he might not like the sand and today we solidified our hypothesis.  Its clear, Link does not like sand.  Eve eats sand.  We will play fetch with Link in the water and he runs right after it and brings it happily back.  However, when we throw the ball in the sand, he won’t pick it up.  Link actually digs at it and paws it either to the blanket or the water before picking it up gingerly on the very corner of the ball.  Eve at the same moment is ecstatic to find that if she digs deep enough water will pool at the bottom of her hole.  As she discovers this in one hole she leaps up wiggling and goes to dig another hole looking for that same surprise.  At least they are starting to get used to the dog beach and venturing out to meet new dogs.