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Good Dogs, Goodbye

Yesterday was a very bad day for dogs around here.  It started with finding my sister’s 15 yr old Westie dead in the yard.  It looks like Corky passed away naturally of old age and didn’t seem to have been in pain.  She was a great dog and will be missed.

After discovering her outside, my Oma(grandmother) called and needed my help putting Henry, her black lab to sleep.  Henry had been having liver trouble for several weeks now and Oma had been spending her time and money in Dr. Davis’s office trying to treat Henry’s problem.  Eventually Davis concluded Henry was suffering from Liver cancer .

I drove Oma and Henry to the vets office to have one more consultation with Dr. Davis to exhaust any chance for Henry’s recovery.  After concluding the best option was to put Henry to sleep, the vet gave him the shot in front of us.  This was the first time I’ve ever been with a dog being put to sleep.  It was incredibly tough, heart-wrenching and kept myself questioning if it was right choice to have made.  The choice was hard, but it was right to put him out of his pain.  Oma spent an incredible amount of money exhausting possible recovery solutions for this 5 yr old guy.

Looking at how hard this was, often raises a question whether its worth having dogs at all, knowing you’ll eventually have to go through them leaving you.  Its a sad time, but when looking at the happiness dogs can bring to your everyday life, be it licking your hand to wake you up, following you everywhere or even stealing food off the kitchen counter, dogs never fail to put a smile on our face, make us feel loved unconditionally and give us reason for sleeping-in a little less each day to play with them.  Having a companion is worth it.

Farewell to Corky and Henry; may they meet in doggy heaven all the other dogs who have so happily shared their lives with us before.